I'm Kaytlyn.18 :) I try my best to smile alot, and I like to acknowledge and appreciate as much as I can in life. Instagram is Kaytlyn96

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is there an ex you wish you could get back together with?

What’s up with the ex questions? Lol. Two of my exes are with new people now, and I couldn’t be happier for them. One of my exes is one of my best friends again, yay ☺️ the relationship was awful though. So if I ever were to date them again, I’d want things to stay as they are now. But, if it went back to our old relationship I’d be like bye.

do you miss any ex's?

I miss different things about different people. Sorry if that’s kind of a wishy washy answer. Most of my exes are my friends now though, so anything I haven’t really had to give up my friendships with them so there isn’t much to miss!